Today you’re going to be learning how we’ve managed to get hundreds of high DA relevant backlinks for free in 2020 and our clients love us for it (in just 3 simple steps)!

How to get high da relevant backlinks for free

The Most Frequent Backlink Building Campaign Mistake Even Your Competitors Are Falling Victim To

When it comes to SEO and identifying your niche’s SEO Leaders, oftentimes business owners assume that their biggest competitors may be the largest, well-known companies in your niche. Most of the time, this is far from the truth.

To give you an example, let’s imagine you are in the “energy drink” niche and you want to rank for the keyword “energy drinks”. From the top of my head, the largest, well-known companies in this industry would be V, Red Bull, Mother, Monster and Rockstar, correct?

However, not even one of those companies ranks on page 1 of Google for “energy drinks” …

… Not even one of them even ranks from page 1 to page 10 of Google.

What I’m trying to say is if you want to get the most valuable relevant high DA Backlinks for free that will positively impact your SEO rankings for specific keywords in your industry … you need to identify your real competitors.

Okay, so how can you build high da relevant backlinks for free? Let’s get right to it.

Let’s Learn How To Get High DA Relevant Backlinks For Free

Step 1 – Identifying Your SEO Competitors

The first step to building solid high da relevant backlinks for free is to find out who your real SEO competitors are.
We can do this completely free.

  • Firstly, identify which keywords you want to rank for (start off with 2 keywords/search phrases to keep it simple)
  • Next, search both of those keywords on Google, and copy the URL of the top 5 ranking websites on Google for your 2 chosen keywords.

Simple as that. The first step is complete. (you should have 10 URL’s noted down at this point)

Step 2 – Identifying Your Competitors Backlinks

Now you must use an SEO tool to identify the High DA Relevant Backlinks these competitors have and identify which backlinks are making their rankings so powerful.

There are various SEO tools that you can use to do this, but we highly suggest SEMrush, as it’s by far the most advanced and effective tool for competitor analysis. Without this tool, SEO Experts would be very restricted. Thumbs up to SEMrush!

For the purpose of learning, here’s a completely free 7-day free trial for SEMrush.

  • Go to the “Backlink” tool in SEMrush and type in the page URL of your competitor (the exact URL that you copied from Google search in the previous step)
  • SEMrush will produce a complete list of the backlinks pointing to that exact URL and all the necessary information you need on them.

Step 3 – Separate the Weak from the Strong

  • Check all backlinks that the domains have, and keep in mind, the higher the DA, the better it will be for you.
  • Use the filter section and only display all the backlinks that have a higher DA of 50.
  • Now go through them one by one and separate the relevant ones to the general ones.
  • Got a list of all the relevant ones? Okay, now it’s time to visit the webpages these links are placed on.
  • Start with the first relevant webpage. Ask yourself, how did they acquire the link? Is it a Web2.0? Is it a guest post? Is it a sponsored post? Is it a content sharing article? You must use your head for this part. Think carefully how they did it, and how you can replicate it yourself.
  • Now take action! Make an account and submit a post. Email the company about getting a guest post opportunity on their website. Every case is different. I can’t give you step by step instructions for this part. But I can tell you is that if they did it, you can as well.

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