So you wanted to learn how to fix h1 headings on Shopify?

Most Shopify themes come with default settings in the liquid code.

So don’t panic. You didn’t screw the code up or anything. It just came like that.

The vast majority of Shopify themes come with a default code that inserts the H1 Heading on the logo of your home page.

Therefore, most Shopify stores h1 heading on their home page is something along the lines of “site__logo1” by default.

I know. What a pain.

So, how do you know if your Shopify code is generating incorrect H1 Headings?

There are two ways to find out.

1) Manually
– Go to your stores home page
– Right click anywhere on the screen
– Click ‘Inspect’
– Press CTRL F and search for “<h1”

Take this random Shopify website I found on Google as an example:

How To Fix H1 Heading on Shopify

2) Use
– Simply go on and enter your Website URL and press “Try it for Free”.
– Once the inspection finishes loading scroll down to the bottom and check how many h1 headings you have and what they are (sometimes when a h1 is a logo, it’ll say you have a h1, but it won’t display any information on what it is).

NOTE: You should only have one h1 heading per page and this should be something extremely close to the focus keyword you are trying to rank your home page for.

Okay, now if you’re h1 headings are all correct, you can exit this page now.

If you’ve just found out you’re a victim of a Shopify default code just like the other 93% of Shopify stores … then I have some good news for you! In about 2 minutes, you’re going to learn how to fix your H1 headings on Shopify and you won’t ever have this issue again!

Let’s fix it.


Simple Instructions on How To Fix H1 Headings on Shopify Home Page

1) Log in to your Shopify store.
2) Click on “Online Store”
3) Locate your published theme and click on the arrow dropdown “Actions”
4) Click “Edit Code”
5) Search for “header.liquid” and open it (it should be in ‘sections’)
6) Search for “<h1” without the Quotation Marks.
7) Here you can replace the <h1 with <h2.
8) Make sure to locate the closing part of that code as well h1> and change it to h2> as well!
9) Click Save!

There you have it! You’ve fixed your default h1 headings on your Shopify store! Leave a comment if you’re happy and would like us to post more about small fixes like these that make a difference in SEO!

If for whatever reason, you couldn’t successfully fix the issue because our instructions did not work, then you probably have a custom issue and it could be much more complicated than that to fix. Every custom issue is different, so there is no explanation on how to fix it unless we can have a better look at the current situation.

If you need further help, feel free to contact us here.

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